December 3, 2008

Warning: This post contains anatomically correct terminology for the male anatomy.

And so guess who had an awesome time in Minnesota? That's right, we did. Andy & I plus the four boys drove two and a half days to spend five days with Matt & Cheryl and the four Perkins girls. Oh, it was wonderful. All the kids got along really well and it's always so nice to get to hang with Matt and Cheryl. I hate that we don't get to see them more often. It had been two years! We played on their frozen pond & did some nearby ice fishing. We didn't catch anything but Gid loved it and Isaac fell through one of the holes. Of course. Just one leg up to his waist but that was enough to get him soaked in ice water from mid-torso down with the arms wet as well. My dear Ike. So much to tell. Gid was freaked out when we first went out on the ice. He was sure someone was going to fall through. Well, he knows Ike, doesn't he? For about twenty minutes he cried, hysterically sometimes. I explained to him that yes, he was afraid but that he had to choose to trust God. Therefore every time he started to tell me all about what he was afraid would happen instead he was to say, "God, I trust you. God, you will keep me safe" b/c he knows that's true even when he doesn't feel it. What a great lesson for us all. God, I feel like I'm going to fall through the ice, but I know you are in control and you are good all the time. I will choose to trust you. When Ike finally did fall through the ice confirming Gid's fears he and cousin Casey laughed and made jokes. In Ike's words he made a grumpy face at them.

Cheryl kept us spoiled and supplied with good food. She made everything for Thanksgiving day except the sweet potato casserole. And, mmm, I still want more. It's awesome to get together with ppl we love but it makes me ache that much more for them when we're apart again.

On the Atticus front, let's update you. He had his four month check up yesterday and is holding steady at the 97th %tile in height. Can you believe it? He's the milkman's son. We make chubby boys, but nothing close to tall ones. What's up with that? He also still has a really goopy eye, which he's had off and on since he was born. He's been through three rounds of topical antibiotics for it and now we're getting a referral to the ophthamologist where they're going to do a "probe". I didn't ask for details cause if it's necessary it's going to be done either way and I'd rather not have a mental image of them "probing" my baby's eyeballs. He's currently getting over his third or fourth cold (I've lost track) which just seems like over achievement for a four month old if you're asking me. And lastly, the best. We got a referral for his first ultrasound. None during my pregnancy so we're making up for it now.

Atticus and I went to the hospital for the ultrasound this morning at 6:45 a.m. That's right, a.m. It was supposed to take about thirty minutes, ended up taking an hour but as usual he was the perfect little baby the whole time. They held his legs down almost the whole time but you didn't hear a complaint out of him. It's amazing. And what, you might say, were we getting an ultrasound for? He has sneaky testicles. And I believe that's the correct medical term, too. Sneaky. We've only been able to find one since he was born, assuming the other was undescended. We gave it the usual time to descend but it's still a no show. So we had to find out whether the missing testicle was up in the abdomen or non-existent. If it's up in the abdomen it increases his chances of testicular cancer profoundly among other things. So. The tech found the first one quickly right where it was supposed to be in the scrotum then couldn't locate the other one after looking for about twenty minutes. He went and got the doctor and they began to look again. So they found what they believed to be the second little guy a bit up in his lower abdomen, at which time they discovered the first testicle had mysteriously gone missing. So what they thought had been the original missing testicle was really the one we'd found originally. Sneaky little guy. Yes, this is apparently his super power. The mysterious receding testicles. When they realized the found testicle was actually the one we'd located earlier, they began looking again for Sneaky Testicle Two (SNT). After another twenty minutes or so of searching they found SNT hidden way up in the other side of his abdomen. Upon finding SNT they confirmed they still had a location on ST One. They then commenced to taking pictures and measuring. Every boys dream. Followed closely, I'm sure by finding out in adolescence your mother had posted all your testicular business across the internet for the entire world to read.

Now we're waiting for the doctor to get the results whereupon we'll discuss surgery and whatnot. Apparently there's a possibility of hormone therapy, too, which has to be started by six months of age. It needs to be done before he's five years old or the cancer risks skyrocket and apparently there are issues of infertility, but of course we don't want to do surgery on the little guy too little. Then there's the issue of recovery. Apparently he'll have to stay pretty immobile for a week or two following which is a great deal to ask of any boy under the age of five. So we'll talk to our doctor and balance out not wanting to put a tiny guy under anesthesia too early with the probability of actually keeping a toddler/preschooler immobile for such a long period. I think I'm leaning towards doing it within the next few months before he's crawling or walking. Dunno. Got to pray a bunch and talk to the doctor.

An orchiopexy is used to repair an undescended testicle in childhood. An incision is made into the abdomen, the site of the undescended testicle, and another is made in the scrotum (A). The testis is detached from surrounding tissues (B) and pulled out of the abdominal incision attached to the spermatic cord (C). The testis is then pulled down into the scrotum (D) and stitched into place (E). (
Illustration by Argosy.

Posted by lynnp at December 3, 2008 10:06 PM

Hi Lynn - ack, poor little Atticus! I will be praying, too. For him, and for you - that's not the sort of choices you want to make for a little (if tall) guy like that!

BTW, Kira had continual goopy eyes (she got pink eye every two or three weeks, it seemed) and the doctor finally determined it was an insufficiently functioning tear duct. He had us give it a "vibration massage" several times a day, and that did the trick.

I can't blame Gideon for being a bit freaked out about the ice at first - it doesn't seem all that thick when you are on it! I'm glad he finally warmed up to it. (Some of my fondest childhood memories involve ice skating on frozen ponds and lakes.) As far as Isaac falling in - that is scary! I am glad you were near a warm house.

Posted by: Birgit at December 8, 2008 12:04 AM

Poor baby! It's a good thing he was so calm for the doctors. I mentioned what you guys were dealing with to my pediatrician when we saw her on Tues. and she said that above two months it's hard to keep any age boy still and that she usually recommends waiting, because of the effects of anesthesia on babies. I don't know anything about it, but I thought you might be interested to hear that, whatever you decide. You guys are amazing parents and I'm sure you'll do what's best for him. Thinking of you and praying for you.

Posted by: Karen Monahan at December 12, 2008 10:22 AM
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